What Is A Cloud Based Phone System?

Cloud Based Phone SystemMost people who keep their ears to the ground when it comes to the latest technology will have heard of “The Cloud” – a virtual space where data is stored, transferred and accessed, therefore ensuring that there is no need to keep valuable data on potentially fallible in-house storage systems. Currently most people think of the Cloud as a place to store files and other items though – they don’t realize that it is also playing an increasingly large role in the telecommunications world as well. More and more small to medium sized businesses are opting to go with a cloud based phone system nowadays and the popularity of it is only going to rise – so what exactly is a cloud based phone system and why is it such a good thing for smaller businesses to invest in?

The main reason for the implementation of a cloud based phone system is simple, and that reason is cost. The cost of implementing a good telecommunications system to a place of work can often be crippling, especially when all of the costs are put together. These include having phone lines installed, buying all of the equipment and linking the whole system together. There is then the monthly charge levied on the business by the phone provider, as well as any charges incurred for calls. With cloud based phone systems most of these costs are negated – there is barely any installation cost, the only equipment needed is a computer or an existing mobile phone and most providers have a generous amount of free minutes included in their packages. The set monthly costs are also usually a lot lower too. In conclusion, it is clear to see that a cloud based phone system is without doubt the cheapest way to connect a place of work to the outside world!

Another reason for the installation of cloud based phone systems is the fact that they have a huge number of features included with them – features that would otherwise cost money to implement. These include the ability to have an automatic receptionist, lots of different voicemail boxes, smart call routing, call transfers and easily adaptable extension structures. All of these will go a massively long way to improving both a business’ professional image and also to improving the productivity as well. Different companies offer different features, and they all come in at different prices. This is why it is important to make a list of everything that you want your business to benefit from, and then match your requirements to the different packages out there.

As can be seen, cloud based phone systems are leading the way in ensuring that telecommunications becomes both affordable and simple once again. With the proliferation of overpriced phone companies out there, it is good to know that there is an industry leading the fight back and allowing smaller businesses to claw back some of their lost profit in these tough economic times. It isn’t often that something is both cheap and effective, but a cloud based phone system is a definite exception!



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